Here’s how you can leverage blockchain for freelancing

Here’s how you can leverage blockchain for freelancing

7 ways to make most of the blockchain technology as a freelancer


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Freelancing can be tough, with delayed payments, trust issues, and security concerns. But freelancers today can leverage the power of modern-day decentralized solutions to make their lives easier and more exciting. Here are seven ways to make the most out of blockchain technology:

Get paid in stablecoins

Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional payments and hello to stablecoins! These cryptocurrencies are pegged to fiat currencies, providing stable value and eliminating volatility. Plus, they offer faster and more secure transactions than traditional payment methods.

Currently, USDC, USDT, DAI etc. are very popular alternatives to your usual U.S. Dollar. You can find them almost on any blockchain including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance, Avalanche, Solana. More currencies are coming on board every day, making international transfers easier, faster and cheaper than ever before!

Get crypto payments instead of dubious old fiat

You can always ask for a payment in Bitcoin or Ethereum (or Matic or Avax or something else too) if you do not like any govt. backed fiat. The lower market cap of some of these stables may make you nervous, so you can choose to go with the big old native chain currency instead!

Either way, crypto payments are the future, and you can be a part of it! These transactions are faster, more secure, and more exciting than traditional payment methods. Plus, you'll look super cool doing it.

Make a blockchain agreement for payment

Smart contracts are the way of the future, and you can be a part of it! Create a self-executing payment contract that, once the work is completed and approved, ensures timely payment and cuts out the middleman and the hassles

You can safely use a protocol like ChainPact to create a peer-to-peer agreement for your freelancing contract. The pay amount is first staked in by the employer, and as the time passes the due payment stays locked in, protecting you from insolvency risks. For a company, it enables getting rid of the hassles of PDF agreements for remote-work contracts, and how and where to execute them.

Become a blockchain developer and flex on everyone

Want to be the coolest kid on the block(chain)? Learn blockchain development and offer your services to clients. You'll get higher-paying projects, and you'll look like a genius.

Quite a lot of web3 companies got funded in the wave of 2021 (and after) and they're always looking out for fresh talent. Get onboard the next new thing in the domain of fair money! You can look at various job marketplaces and freelancing portals, they have a fair chunk of web3-based jobs.

Join web3 communities and make new friends

Why hang out with normies when you can be part of a decentralized community? Join web3 communities, meet new people, collaborate, and learn. It's way more exciting than your old, boring Facebook groups.

Pick your favourite project or coin, and check out their community pages. It's usually Discord, Twitter and Mastodon. But there are many others including Telegram channels created by the community and Reddit pages.

Be sure to join our discord and follow our twitter too! (Please?)

Hunt for bug bounties and get paid to be a hacker

Wanna be a hacker? Well, you're in luck! Participate in bug bounty programs, find vulnerabilities in blockchain applications, and get paid for it. You'll be the coolest hacker in town.

You can have a look at ImmuneFi and others.

Provide mining services and earn that sweet, sweet crypto

Mining isn't just for old-timey prospectors. Provide mining services for clients, validate transactions, and earn cryptocurrency rewards. You'll have a stable source of income and look like a crypto superstar.

There are different ways you can do this. You can help clients set up mining servers physically or on the cloud. New chains are emerging every day, you can choose to become a validator and a part of a new community, earning some coins in the process.

Embrace the future today

Say goodbye to boring traditional payments, and hello to the realm of stablecoins and crypto payments. Create payment contracts, learn blockchain development, join web3 communities, hunt for bug bounties, or provide mining services. With blockchain, the sky's the limit for you as a freelancer!

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